moderated Re: Download Members only works on Members



It appears that no matter which group of members you are "in" Pending,
Members, Moderated, etc you can only download Members
That's because Download (and Bulk Remove) is its own tab, not controlled by the selection on the first tab.

I wanted to compile some figures on unsubscribes (Left vs Spam Left)
and then compare to resubscribes and a couple of other things that I
track in a database.
For that wouldn't you need an export of the Activity log instead? Or in a Premium group does the "Past" list make that distinction (Left vs. Spam Left)? - I don't have any examples of Spam Left in my one Premium group.

And if so, perhaps the better solution would be to make that information additional enumerations of the "Status" and/or "User Status" fields of the export.

Hmm, speaking of which, I wonder what the User Status "2=Inactive" means. Again no examples in my Premium group.


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