moderated Re: Fixed Width Formatting


I was under the impression that all plain text emails had a max line length of 80 is it? Can't remember exactly offhand. Anyways, with that, there should be no issues with the line being too long for the display window. Unless of course the email has not been properly formatted.

As for HTML emails, well I think they are the anti christ and besides, any properly formatted HTML email SHOULD have a plain text version as well.

What I missed out was that all my lists are set to plain text only, so html is not an your suggestion of adding it to a group's settings opposed to a user's settings, makes more sense.


On 10/05/2018 23:49, Shal Farley wrote:

> So that is all I am asking, that we have the option to 'add' the <pre>
> tag to all messages we view online
I'd recommend against <pre>, as it has the primary effect of eliminating word-wrap and replacing it with a horizontal scroll (when the source line is too long for the display window).
Rather I'd suggest what you started with: use a fixed pitch font.
I think it makes sense to apply to messages that have only a text/plain message body. I'm not sure if it would be useful or just annoying to apply it as a default font for text/HTML message bodies.

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