moderated Re: Formatting Wiki Pages

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 10:31 am, Mark Fletcher wrote:
We do strip a lot of inline styles, but (hopefully) none of the ones used by the editor. So if you're just using editor functions to format things, it should all work ok. Are there specific CSS attributes you would like to see not stripped? (we mainly strip to prevent attack vectors).
I'm using the "Source Code" editor to insert inline styles. It's these that are subsequently stripped. I want to use styles that do not seem to be available via the editor. For example, when I insert an image, I can change dimensions only via the editor, I can't scale it to a fraction of the page width, I can't float it to the right margin, etc.

I'm not looking for anything elaborate. Just basic stuff like text-align, float, width, border, etc.

It's my understanding from discussions in GMF that GIO uses a "bootstrap" set of style sheets ( Unfortunately I've not been able to find these in human-readable form. Simply knowing what styles are already defined so I could implement the classes via the source code editor would help as a first approximation. I was already able to do that with aligning an image to the right margin using class=pull-right. 

I hope that makes things more clear.


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