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Thanks for your response Gerald

Here is an example

VHIQR 20180501 1201 XA0000 (GBLXRS BIZ) (BIZ-FLIGHT)
CGDPF 20180501 1821 XA0000 (CL60 BIZ) (BIZ-FLIGHT)
OYMSI 20180501 0918 XA0000 (GBLX BIZ) (BIZ-FLIGHT)
CGWHF 20180501 1503 XA0000 (GBLXRS BIZ) (BIZ-FLIGHT)
GWIRG 20180501 1844 ZD0000 (E135BJ BIZ) (BIZ-FLIGHT)
VPCRA 20180501 1247 ZD0000 (E135BJ BIZ) (BIZ-FLIGHT)

If I create this on the website then the 'column' alignment disappears due to the width of each character. But creating it, like i have now using thunderbird, set to plain text, is appears fine.

The original when posted, came through in my inbox just fine, when viewed online was all over the place, BUT when I went to view source, the alignment re-appeared.

Looking at the source coding for the website, this appears to be because when viewing the source the <PRE> tag is used. So that is all I am asking, that we have the option to 'add' the <pre> tag to all messages we view online rather than having to scroll to the bottom of some 4,000+ line emails and then click on 'More' and then 'view source' :)
I realise this would not affect most people's groups, but as it would mean an extremely minor addition to the coding, I ask :)

btw, the bulk of the messages being posted to my lists are not posted via web clients, or web front ends, rather directly from purpose built software, and generally just use the basic email headers


On 10/05/2018 16:26, Gerald Boutin wrote:
On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 03:22 pm, Gerald Boutin wrote:
I did a quick test and if you generate a text only message using an email
client (eg Gmail) with a fixed width font, it renders properly when viewed
on the web interface. Since there seems to be no way to chose a
font online when composing, I don't see how you could directly generate a
fixed width font post online.
Here's a sample I just pasted from a text message i sent to myself earlier
for testing.
Fixed width font < 4 Spaces < 5 spaces
sdjhsdjklkjsadkj < sdsadkjsdkl < skldjasklj
The above rows should be aligned.
Well, it was in fixed width font (monospace) while I was composing the message,
but the formatting didn't come through.

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