moderated Re: Fixed Width Formatting

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 03:22 pm, Gerald Boutin wrote:

I did a quick test and if you generate a text only message using an email client  (eg Gmail) with a fixed width font, it renders properly when viewed on the web interface. Since there seems to be no way to chose a font online when composing, I don't see how you could directly generate a fixed width font post online.

Here's a sample I just pasted from a text message i sent to myself earlier for testing.

Fixed width font    < 4 Spaces     < 5 spaces
sdjhsdjklkjsadkj    < sdsadkjsdkl  < skldjasklj
The above rows should be aligned.

Well, it was in fixed width font (monospace) while I was composing the message, but the formatting didn't come through.

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