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Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 12:22 pm, Alexis wrote:

Might it be possible to have a 'fixed width formatting' option when viewing messages on the web front end. I am a member of a number of gorups that produce emails with large lists of which each column is padded out with spaces to keep the allignment of the columns. All these groups use plain text emails only, primarily to keep message sizes down as a 4,000 line email in plain text can be 56k, whereas in HTML could be 4Mb.
If it is possible, might you be able to make a setting in each member's profile so they view all messages in this format, or if not, how about within each group's setting's details.

Just transferred in from yahoogroups and I have to say a big congratulations on setting up an alternative to them and googlegroups, and just love your transfer routine..big BIG thumbs up



I did a quick test and if you generate a text only message using an email client  (eg Gmail) with a fixed width font, it renders properly when viewed on the web interface. Since there seems to be no way to chose a font online when composing, I don't see how you could directly generate a fixed width font post online.

Here's a sample I just pasted from a text message i sent to myself earlier for testing.

Fixed width font    < 4 Spaces     < 5 spaces
sdjhsdjklkjsadkj    < sdsadkjsdkl  < skldjasklj
The above rows should be aligned.


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