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Bob Bellizzi

I think that Catlady hit the nail on the thumb, none of our  schemes is any better than the simple unsubscribe.

I tried to stop looking at this thread because it's a really tough knot to open for so many reasons.

One of the biggest problems is that in many cases, the intended recipient is not informed of the message being intercepted and never delivered to them in any form.  Input from just stops because it's turned back at the email supplier.
In that case, there is no communication possible between and the intended recipient to instruct the recipient, period, so all schemes depending on communication are not possible.

Secondly, people do not like change and in many cases are fiercely loyal to their email provider often just because they don't want to have to leave a familiar environment or don't wish to lose the "freebees" provided by the email provider for the express purpose of keeping them as clients.

So showing them how to set up any new provider account doesn't seem an option.

Finally, I'm going to ignore this thread unless Mark introduces a change to the current process of handling spam notices.

Bob Bellizzi

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