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Judy F.

I like the idea also and it does push the security concerns. We have some problems similar to what you mentioned and it is very frustrating when you provide step by step instructions on how to do things, sometime even with pictures and they still can't do it.

If something is set up like this, there definitely needs to be something put in place so the owner/moderators aren't liable for making changes. I say this, because I have had members that forgot that they told me to do something and then get upset. So I now have them send me an email and I keep them.

Great idea!
Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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This brings to mind a concern I have. Some of our older and less tech-savvy members have a lot of trouble with individual settings related to their accounts. Could there be a switch at the top of the Subscriptions page that a member could set to allow an owner or highest privelege moderator to change the members settings? Perhaps this could go so far as to allow the owner to change message delivery settings and add alternate email addresses. I'll explain.

We have a group member over on Y that has his system so messed up that the only way he can communicate with the group is by sending an email to someone else and getting them to forward it on. On a couple occasions someone was able to visit this person and straighten things out, but they didn't stay. This person is hours away from anyone who could assist him. I and the top moderator have tried to talk him through changing his settings to be able to reconnect, but he's just lost with any of it. Direct add of members would allow us some way to reconnect him and delete his old account, but we still need to be able to change things to help him out.

I recognize this pushes some security concerns and I hope others will add their own thoughts to this. These valuable but limited members have a lot to offer, but sometimes need a little more help than we can offer.


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