moderated Re: To improve the Address Confirmation email #suggestion

Tom Vail

I agree with John, with a couple of additions.


As he said, the wording of the default message is misleading/wrong and should be corrected.  Replying to the message does not activate the account if it is a restricted group.  This is misleading the user, and likely at a time when they are new to, leaving them asking why their membership did not get activated.  To me this is not something that is a “let’s consider for the next release,” but an error which should be fixed.

If they do “reply” to the initial email they get a response that says “If any of the groups you subscribed to require approval before joining, you will be notified when that happens.”   That assumes they understand the difference between “confirmed” and “approved.”  Which I would submit is not very likely for someone new to


Additionally, if they click on the “Confirm account” link, it can be even more confusing because they are taken to the confirmed page, but they still need to be approved if it is a restricted group, and there is nothing on that page about the approval process.  Then if you click on the group you just joined, it takes you to their “home” page, but still says nothing about the approval process.  Only when you click on one of the side tabs do you get the “Your subscription has not yet been approved.” message.  There should be a separate page for public and restricted groups.

I agree also that different messages should be sent out depending on the type of group.  And having a very short and sweet response if there is an 
active "Pending Subscription" in place gives the group the ability to guide their users through the process they have in place.  Maybe a better option is to send out an email to just confirm the email address, and then once that is received, send out the group’s Pending Subscription message. This would present a more logical flow for the user and give more control of the communication with their users.

For what it is worth,


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