moderated Re: Photo searching #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 03:20 pm, Michael Dunn wrote:
We have 700 albums! Being able to search on descriptions and filenames would be a lifesaver.
OK; you have 700 albums; we had 256, containing perhaps 2500 photographs (No - I didn't count them) most of which were "named" largely as Duane described: IMG_20160920_154327096_HDR.jpg or similar. It was, and in many respects still is, an alphanumerical soup, and that includes many of the Album names.

I have spent a lot of time trying to bring some order to the whole thing, with at least a degree of success, but it is tedious. One thing is for certain; it was totally unsearchable.

I had to create a whole new batch of albums, and rename many others to provide broad subject headings and then sub - headings to try to ensure that even if individual photographs aren't indexed their likely location could be. (FWIW as the Photos section has no index of its own I created one in the group wiki with each subheading being hyperlinked to the album concerned.) I have also (in some cases, not all) re - titled photos so that they appear in the album in some sort of sensible sequence.

The one thing that would have been of major benefit would have been the ability to move photos between albums (as one can with Files in Folders in the Files section) without having to download them and then upload them again; the big problem with this is that it changes the photos' attibutions so I have have to reattribute them to their originators in the "text area".

Perhaps you are luckier in the way your members upload photo material, but I strongly doubt it! At least we are down to about 200 albums and maybe half the original number of photos, having stripped out the near duplication and, frankly, the complete dross.

Yes; it has been and still it a lot of work, but perhaps that is the price of being a Moderator.


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