moderated Re: Make Basic level accounts paid



My suggestion was that the current features included in the Basic level account are worthy of being paid, so making these features paid would be a good way to motivate me to becoming a paying customer, rather than adding new features or making other features cheaper.

There's always customer push-back to taking features away (which making them paid features effectively does when the feature was formerly included in your plan). For any given feature you choose to make paid, there will be a certain number of groups for which that was the "indispensable" feature, yet (for whatever reason) the group can't bring itself to pay for it. And there's a certain amount of "friction" to having too many choices - more work to implement and maintain, and more confusing to customers. What I'm saying is that the cost/benefit evaluation for splitting off any given feature would not be a simple one.

For example, there was an earlier conversation about having ala carte options for groups to buy additional storage space, without changing plan (or other features). I'm not sure what Mark's thoughts on that were, but I note that it hasn't happened. Yes, I know add-ons are not what you asked for, but it seems related to to the concept of having finer-grained choices than just Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.


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