moderated Re: Make Basic level accounts paid

Paul W. Rankin <paul@...>

As a new user to I was very surprised at the response to this thread. Discussion seemed to be quickly derailed away from the original topic.

To make things explicitly clear: I am not suggesting that a free tier be eliminated.

My position is that I wish to be a paying customer but currently do not see a good avenue to that. I felt that this might be a helpful thing for Mark to hear given his mention of increasing revenue. My intent was to communicate to Mark that I would like more motivation to become a paying customer.

My suggestion was that the current features included in the Basic level account are worthy of being paid, so making these features paid would be a good way to motivate me to becoming a paying customer, rather than adding new features or making other features cheaper. This does not entail eliminating a free tier. I apologise if this wasn't clear to anyone.

I am not soliciting suggestions on how I can make donations.

It is uncomfortable to wake up to an inbox full of irate people, so can I ask that off-topic replies be directed to a new thread, and only reply to this thread if you are responding to the topic.

Thank you.

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