moderated Re: Make Basic level accounts paid


>There will always be a place for the free, entry-level option, but in my opinion Mark is already giving away too much. 


Mark has certainly been generous with his features. In my group which is small and hobby related, we don’t need or use many of the features but were Mark to consider some of the suggestions made here and cut down on the options in the free version, it might well be hard to reach any sort of consensus as to what should be lost (whilst always remembering that the ultimate decisions would be Mark’s). 


I think there would always be a need to have a free version to capture those groups that have been used to free at Yahoo. I found Groups io when searching for somewhere to move our group and had it not been free I would have moved on in my search – and in doing so missed out on the excellent service Mark provides. The rock bottom, fundamental selling point of Groups io is that it works!  I created my group over two years ago and it is still such a pleasure to just click a button and have it work, but convincing somebody of the vast difference between here and Yahoo would be hard if they had to pay to find out the truth of it.  At the very least, there should be a trial period so people could test it for themselves.


Having already said we use very few of the features, I would add that therefore we have no need of the premium version and I don’t think asking for donations to keep our group going would work. I would, however, support the option to make optional, ad hoc payments. I’ve done that before for free programmes that I’ve been particularly impressed with and would happily do it here as well.



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