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Paul W. Rankin <paul@...>

HI Mark,

I'm a big believer in paying for the web services I use. I tend to agree with this (archived) post from the Pinboard blog: and related Hacker News: And there's evidence that paying users appreciate the product they pay for more than free users.

Looking at the plans, the Basic level offers so much that I'm really surprised it's offered for free, but then looking at the Premium feature set, there's nothing there that I really want. I'd like to use my own domain, but mostly out of vanity, which is not enough to prompt me to go Enterprise (which is actually far too expensive for me). I'd like to pay for but at the current pricing levels I don't have much motivation to do so.

I saw your note regarding increasing revenue: IMHO the most obvious and easiest way to do this is to charge for Basic level accounts. If the Basic level cost something like $3/month or $30/year this would be an easy decision, and I'd be very skeptical of anyone who says they couldn't/wouldn't pay that to maintain their group.

(This said, I also understand that people do run open source projects or volunteer groups where any expenditure becomes a sticking point, so I'd suggest there's still a space for a public-only free accounts that lack some/most of the features in Basic.)


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