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Tony Moody

Thanks for this J,

Yes, Please. I fully support it, as one of the most sensible, practical ideas to emerge here. Together with your extension to Notes.

Hopefully there will be a way to 'put this all in a database'. I haven't looked at DB's much, so I do not know the mechanism of loading a database yet.
A problem which will loom is that any data like this will need to be GDPR ready. But this is subject for a seperate rage. :-) 


On 22 Apr 2018 at 16:16, J_Catlady wrote about :
Subject : [beta] automatic save to membership

We record the answers to a required questionnaire from a pending member in the member's page. These might include setting the display name and possibly the signature. But upon approving the membership, the changes are lost. We must instead save the changes, taking us completely out of the member page, and then go back in to approve the subscription. If we simply approve, all changes are lost.

My suggestion is to automatically save changes to the member page if made in the same session during which the member is approved.

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