moderated Re: Invitation Message


Hi Sharon,

On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 11:38 AM, Sharon Villines <sharon@...> wrote:
Another loud voice for a completely customizable invitation letter. The current one is redundant and makes no sense to many people I invite. Most of them are people who have been unsubscribed for spam. They pay no attention to the  message because they know they haven’t unsubscribed. They consider the message to be spam!

This is what the letter that just went out with my letter in the middle instead of replacing the default. [Name] [Invitee Email Address] are also not filling in. I highlighted my invitation.

The [Name] and [Invite Email Address] were never meant to symbolize variables that someone could use; they're just placeholders for the boilerplate that gets sent.

The one difference between the invite email and the other member notices is that we have a link in there that is custom to each invite to accept the invite. Where would that go if I eliminated the boilerplate?


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