moderated BCC All Moderators does not work #bug

Bruce Bowman

Mark -- One of the other subscribers to GMF reported that her Moderators were not being copied when she checked "BCC: All Moderators." I've been following up on that and it doesn't seem to work in my group, either.

I made my test account at GMail a Moderator and gave "him" all mail notifications. I then sent a Member Notice to myself and checked the "BCC All" box. It did not arrive...but I did get a second copy in my own mailbox. I even made "him" an Owner and "he" still didn't get the message. In fact the "BCC: All Moderators" checkbox seems to behave exactly like "BCC: Me."

I subsequently put my test account on moderation and sent a note to the group from there to test the checkbox in the message rejection dialog. I asked all owners and moderators to report back on what happened. Same story...I got a copy but none of the other Owners or Moderators did.

I could be missing something and perhaps others should also try this and report back. But at this point it sure seems like a bug.


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