moderated Notification of Changes Pending or Done #suggestion

Chris Jones

Mark; we often come up with suggestions for changes on this forum, and it isn't always clear if those suggestions or requests are going to go on the "to do" list or not.

Can I ask that there be "Moderators Only" Hashtags showing #Pending & #Done that can be added to a topic once its merit has been assessed; this would give us clear sight of something that is now "on the list" and something that isn't. (I suppose there might also need to be a #No_Chance tag as well!)

Obviously some proposals are more important than others, some more urgent, some easy and some difficult and time - consuming, and of course others right down (say) pointless.

If this could be done we would know that action was in hand, even if a completion date might be some time into the future. It would prevent good ideas and suggestions disappearing into a sort of black hole



(Sent in Hope...)

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