moderated Re: Lock Profile Display Names

William Finn

I'm happy with that. When they sign up they get asked first name, last name , display name, email address

Then they can modify email and display name.

I just want owners and moderators to have the ability to see first and last name and if needed the ability to change them

For this to happen
Two new database fields to be added
Update signup form to include these fields
Modify members list under admins to display the information fields, 
Grant create/modify and view only access role and allow owner to grant or deny this to moderators.


On Fri, Apr 13, 2018, 9:19 AM Arno Martens <snetram@...> wrote:
I would prefer a policy where members must give first and last name in their application but be allowed to request to have that suppressed from view.
A display name or an eMail address should only be able to be changed upon request of a member, either by approval or by the owner/moderator .

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