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RickGlaz <rickglaz4742435@...>

Verification of IDs is tough. It took me 4 months of kicking and screaming
and a re-write of the "ID.ME" requirements to get myself through electronically.
Then SheerID was still broken... (I finished up with them an easier way.)

The first one is (one of) the Federal Gov't Official Verification Contractors for Federal Sites.

If they have trouble, do we really think we can do better? Rhetorical...


On April 11, 2018 at 4:55 PM "Jeremy H via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

I can understand the desirability of - and would support - an option that only group owners, and authorised moderators, can change display names - even if I wouldn't necessarily use it for my groups.

And I would say that it is down to each group owner to decide whether he has any standard for them, in including (or excluding) real (or fake) names, and whether he requires to know the real names (or any other details) of members. And that it is his privilege to do so, for his group. As it is my right to not provide them, and not be a member of his group.

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