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William Finn

Seeing as there is resistance to this, how about putting in first name last name fields that are available only to moderators or owners that way then we can link them back to the person but for everybody else they see the user created display name.

Then we can restrict modification to the first and last name fields so I can maintain my directory of the person's name linked to their email address and they still have the display name which they can modify to whatever they wish which is what is seen by everyone else

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018, 1:53 PM D R Stinson <dano@...> wrote:
Like J, I am hesitant to restrict a member's control over their own accounts. Having said that, I have a group that at one time had a big problem with anonymous trolls. The solution I use is to require a full name somewhere in the message or email address for all posts. (There are a few exceptions we allow where a person's name might bring problems should a quote show up outside the group.)

Members are set to unlimited moderation and stay that way until I know they're going to follow that rule. I'm very upfront about that rule and with treating people on the group with the same decency we would use for a person on the street. It's a little more work for me, but it seems to work itself out right away. I remind them that they're adults and have a few responsibilities to the group, and the privilege of not being moderated is tied to those.


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I have mixed feelings about forcing users to display their first and last names (Facebook, anyone?). I, too, routinely set members' display names - in my group's case, to their first name plus their cat's name. However, I think the user should maintain control over their display name. If they don't like what I've set it to for any reason, they can change it and I would not want to disallow that.

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