locked Re: EU General Data Protection Regulation

Chris Jones

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 10:05 am, Victoria wrote:
People joining email lists, and having agreed to the relevant terms and conditions, effectively agree to their details and other information being stored within the group. Anything they put in their emails is done voluntary and with the assumption they want it to be public to the group.
This poses the question: have they agreed to the relevant terms and Conditions? 

Please see my post #16448 yesterday: I have no recollection* of agreeing to the Ts & Cs when I first came to Groups.io, or at any time since.  As it happens I have no quibble with them; neither do I have a quibble with the Groups.io Privacy Policy; both seem entirely reasonable to me. However people participating in Groups hosted by Groups.io without having actively "ticked the box" accepting both will have the ***** profession queuing up looking for a fight on the basis that their rights under GDPR or some comparable legislation are not being met.

The Group for which I am a Moderator published a Privacy Policy yesterday; although we do not collect any information beyond Display Names, email addresses and dates of joining we do collect those for a specific purpose, and that is clearly set out in the Policy. (I should know; I wrote it.)

What Dave (G3PVH) wrote is an entirely pragmatic approach, but I don't think that we are entitled to assume that GDPR (or comparable legislation) is something we do not need to concern ourselves about.

* That could, of course, be my recollection at fault.


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