locked EU General Data Protection Regulation




I agree to just about everything you write.


               I am not sure what the Data Protection Officer or group owner can do about all the copies of emails stored in members computers and web mail all over the world. It is indeed impossible.


According to a recent verdict in Germany it is decisive that the subscriber sends his messages voluntarily and in knowledge and agreement of the guidelines of the group or forum. This means, among other things, that he is not entitled to have his contributions deleted at any time. For me as group owner this means that I better put this term into the guidelines among other things such as copyright, behavioural issues and so on....


I am not aware of any email groups or clubs and societies who have had issues with data protection and needed to pay fines. I don't expect it will be any different under GDPR.


People joining email lists, and having agreed to the relevant terms and conditions, effectively agree to their details and other information being stored within the group. Anything they put in their emails is done voluntary and with the assumption they want it to be public to the group.


Exactly. I don´t see this either. In the above cited court case an unsubscribed member of a forum wanted to have all his postings deleted. So these very rare cases can be prevented by drafting the appropriate rule to be accepted before subscribing. And the court saw it the same way.


There is a lot of scaremongering going on at the moment, and I expect that will continue. Cut through the scaremongering and nothing really much is changing. Wait to see if one of our email lists is taken to task by Brussels (or the equivalent in the UK after we leave next year). It just won't happen.


It´s important that the provider of groups.io takes these new regulations into account and seriously. And they basically concern protection of personal data of group.io members, the commercial use of email adresses and so on. I remember how difficult it was for me four years ago to have my my data, my account and my facebook site deleted by facebook. The new European regulations have a lot to do with these so called social networks. And that´s quite a bit different from mailing lists.




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