locked Re: EU General Data Protection Regulation

Dave Sergeant

I am not sure what the Data Protection Officer or group owner can do
about all the copies of emails stored in members computers and web mail
all over the world. It is indeed impossible.

I am not sure that we are getting worked up with a situation that is
unlikely to occur anyway. Remember that in Europe (and elsewhere) we
already have a data protection act that covers storage of personal
information in computers. GDPR is tightening up on some things that may
need addressing but many things are unchanged. It is true that large
companies have to comply, just as they do with the existing rules, and
Mark has confirmed he will be compliant by the start date. Group owners
and their members, as well as the many clubs and societies that run
lists on here are a bit different. I am not aware of any email groups
or clubs and societies who have had issues with data protection and
needed to pay fines. I don't expect it will be any different under

People joining email lists, and having agreed to the relevant terms and
conditions, effectively agree to their details and other information
being stored within the group. Anything they put in their emails is
done voluntary and with the assumption they want it to be public to the
group. Clubs and societies and many other organisations have exemption
under the existing rules that if they only use the information for the
purpose of running the organisation they do not have to actually
register - this is continued under the new rules.

There is a lot of scaremongering going on at the moment, and I expect
that will continue. Cut through the scaremongering and nothing really
much is changing. Wait to see if one of our email lists is taken to
task by Brussels (or the equivalent in the UK after we leave next
year). It just won't happen.


On 10 Apr 2018 at 14:11, toki wrote:

Messages are often crossposted or forwarded to other persons by mail
or via Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. There is
no way to remove that info.

Those messages will be removed via a "right to be forgotten request"
sent to the Data Protection Officer of the recipient organisation.


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