moderated Allow subgroups to have subgroups

Beth Weld

I'm hoping to move my group from yahoo to shortly, and the subgroup feature is a powerful motivator.  However I really need to build on that structure to further organize and streamline the various functions of my group.  An example:
Main Group
   Subgroup Meetings
          Subgroup   2018
                 Subgroup April
                 Subgroup May
If we had this structure, all items for the April, 2018 meeting including conversations would be contained in a subgroup that is easy to maintain.  This would cut down on hundreds (or thousands after a year or two) of emails in the Meetings subgroup that can be hard to search and maintain.

We currently have dozens of yahoo groups that I plan to bring under one umbrella, but a natural subgroup hierarchy would make life so much easier than having 1 level of (again) dozens of subgroups and growing every month.


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