moderated T & Cs / Privacy Policy #suggestion

Chris Jones

Mark; this suggestion (or related suggestions) have come to mind following the "GDPR" thread on this forum.

I first came to when a Yahoo Group of which I was a member migrated over. Since then a second Group came across, followed in December when the Group of which I am a Moderator moved over.

My memory might be playing tricks, but I have no recollection of being asked to accept the Ts & Cs or the Privacy Policy. Does this also apply to individuals who sign up?

If this is the case, then it might be better if everyone coming to for the first time was required to tick a checkbox confirming that they had read (and understood?) both. I would suggest that the preamble to the checkbox provides links to both documents.

In addition there is no "obvious" way of finding the Privacy Policy. Can I suggest that "Terms" at the bottom of every page be amended to read Terms & Privacy Policy, or for Privacy Policy to have its own separate entry on the bottom line.

Even if you don't like the checkbox idea adding "Privacy Policy" should be uncontroversial. :)



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