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Sharon Villines

The one feature that would encourage my cohousing community to take a paid subscription would be a wiki that is as easy to use as Google Sites is.

I started the wiki years ago when our facilities team was not even happy using email. They loved it. Totally computer resistant people started entering information regularly and clearly. It records all the details about the facilities and services for a 43 unit residential community — descriptions, serial numbers, repair records, vendors, reports from vendors, costs, internet settings --literally everything with a number attached.

We were up against the space limits with no option to even pay for more storage. I deleted all the revisions so we can stay a bit longer. but they are also changing their format and will soon stop supporting the original format — I haven’t spent the time required to figure out what they are doing.

But a good wiki is worth its weight in gold.

Sharon Villines, Washington DC

"Design is the first sign of human intention." William McDonough

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