locked Re: EU General Data Protection Regulation



I think Chris and Jeremy have already pointed out that this issue concerns both sides: group owner and provider. This seems plausible to me. As far as groups.io is cconcerned, each group already has the privacy policy declaration on the bottom of the site, so I suppose Mark as provider is aware of that. Concerning the coming EU-regulations I´m pretty sure he has legal counselling for his side of the issue.

But as a European group owner I want to be on the safe side as far as my obligations here are concerned, especially since I do send out and receive personal questionnaires from prospective members which contain sensitive data. In our guidelines we already had a sort of privacy policy statement, but in the face of these new EU regulations I consider this not sufficient any more.

So I have just installed our own privacy policy regulations into my group´s files.

I used a free generator, created by lawyers, which poses a few questions concerning the type of declaration you need. This generator then creates the declaration covering your special issues.

I don´t know if in Italy the same is possible. If you spoke German I could send you the link to the generator.

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