moderated Re: Members emailing other members via the directory

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 05:25 pm, JohnF wrote:
1. What does the "From" look like on the received email? Does it show the sender's address, or some sender?
I've only tested initiating a DM from an owner account. A email address is used. The reply-to also replies to that email address.
On the other hand, in my test, the group owner sees the member email address when composing the message. But that was already available to the owner.

2. What happens if the mail bounces?

3. If you can only mail someone twice in 24 hours, that's not much of a DM capability. If responses also go through, maybe it can reset that counter when there's a reply.
Only the initial DM is counted. Replies in the conversation do not increment the counter.

4. If the recipient sends a message back like "STOP" or clicks a link, can it stop that sender from sending direct mails to that recipient? If this feature isn't there, the recipient might start marking the messages as spam, and you know where that leads.

5. I'm sure someone will want the ability to send a message to multiple people. Is that a good feature, or should they just create a group for that sort of thing
Just typing things off the top of my head.


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