moderated Re: Categories for groups -- idea suggestion

Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

Hi Gerald,
Agree, if Mark adds a category feature it should be something that is simple and doesn't require a lot of effort to implement or maintain or use.

I've used the Yahoo category search feature to find other "Amateur Radio" groups to see what may be new and of interest.  (see snapshot below).    The Groups,io Key words searches can also work in many cases but it's not perfect either.  Amateur radio is often called "ham radio"  and I did a search on "ham" which found a lot of the groups but also others that are not radio related. 

But it's not a major concern if it's not implemented.   After reading some of the history on the idea and the feedback here with diverse ideas including valid pros and cons,  I can see why it has not been a priority.  

Regards,  Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com


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