moderated Categories for groups -- idea suggestion




We are talking about improving users' ability to search for and find groups that are relevant to their interests, right?  And to do that by allowing group owners to characterize their groups to make them more findable in a search.

The goal of all search systems is to get an appropriate number of results that are highly relevant to the search query, without missing any. 
that´s brought to the point perfectly!


And the categories fit for mostly everything. I allowed myself to add Medicine and put Pets under Family and Home:


·       Business & Finance – Employment, Investments, Industries
·       Computers and Internet – Cyber culture, Internet, User groups
·       Cultures and Community – Issues, Cooking, Seniors,
·       Entertainment & Arts – Movies, TV, Books
·       Family and Home – Gardening, Genealogy, Parenting, Pets
·       Games – Cards, Computer, Board
·       Government and Politics – Law, Military, Parties [political, I assume]
·       Health & Wellness – Beauty, Fitness, Support
·       Hobbies & Crafts – Antiques, Collectibles, Models,
·       Music – Rock & Pop, Rap, Country
·       Recreation & Sport – Travel, Cars, Outdoors, Wrestling
·       Regional  – Countries, States/Provinces, Regions, Cities
·       Religion & Beliefs – Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism
·       Romance & Relationships – Anniversaries, Heartbreak, Marriage
·       Schools & Education – Classmates, High schools, Colleges
·       Science  – Astronomy, Biology, Medicine




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