moderated Re: Categories for groups -- idea suggestion

Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

Hi Sharon,
I agree on not liking Yahoo’s multilevel heirachy, it is confusing and too much duplication at the lower level.   That is why I suggested a short, broad, and single level of categories.   It would be easy to visualize all at once and make browsing more productive.   As an example, for browsing it could break up a thousand groups into shorter lists of maybe 30 to 100 groups per category.  The list of 20 Categories I suggested above is not perfect.  There have been some suggestions already to make a few of the entries broader and more inclusive while still keeping the list at around 20 entries.  

If Mark decides to implement this I think members could be asked to take a look and see if their group fits one of the categories or suggest how to modify one to be inclusive.  
I took a quick look through many of the groups here and it looked like they would align but more input could confirm or make them better.   And while continous updates to the list is not desirable modifications would be possible. 

Regards, Al 

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