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If the Dewey system were used all Mark would need to do to implement it would
be to add a field to the public list of groups to hold the code, and then sort
on it, leaving group owners/moderators to fill in the field as appropriate. A
list of codes could be on a publicly available database for reference. Two
digits would probably be plenty for this purpose.

Jim Fisher

On 1 Apr 2018 at 12:38, Jujube wrote:

We could use the lists you mentioned. I didn't know of them, so
I thought we might have to make up one, though it's always good
to find some inspiration. My personal favourite is Yahoo Groups
categorization because it's very specific, though we don't have
to be nearly as fanciful. The nice thing with Yahoo
categorization is that there's various levels of categorization.
I'm not saying that we have to use Yahoo Groups categorization
method. Even a few caffdhories would help a lot.

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On 04/01/2018 04:59 PM, Jujube wrote:

We'll have to decide on a list, though.

What is wrong with using either Dewey Decimal or LCC categories?


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