moderated Re: Categories for groups -- idea suggestion

Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

Hi Duane,
Thanks for that, I don't think I would have ever found it.   So the idea has been around for about 3 years and it sounds like it never got any traction.  Mark suggested that the Yahoo lists were too detailed and hard to find a category.  And that is exactly why I like  the idea of just having 20-30 broad categories.  That would accomplish several goals.
- make it easy to find one to assign to your groups
- make it easy to browse groups of interest instead of looking through essentially all categories like today. 
- limit the complexity and don't allow users to create their own cryptic categories that would defeat the purpose.

So that does means someone has to come up with a list of broad categories but I don't think it would really be that hard.  (famous last words, lol)

Regards,  Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com


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