locked Re: Seeding groups

Cherrill <cdjamieson@...>

I am just trying to say that if someone is wanting to join a specific type of group, ie friends, pets, technical, whatever; they may not want to scroll through that many pages to find whether there is the type of group they want or not.  
Our little group will remain small because that is the way we want it; and it doesn't matter if it is featured or not; but if it ends up on page 99 or something, a person looking for our type of group will never find it.
However, the 'powers that be' will make the decision on how to categorize groups.


On Oct 30, 2014, at 9:02 AM, walkraft@... wrote:

coffeechocolatechitchat would probably deserve to be featured under my suggestion since it appears to be the most (only) active organic group, apart from those with automated posts. The only reason why I didn't mention it was because your archive is non-public, so I can't personally vouch for the content.

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