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On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 04:48 pm, Shal Farley wrote:
* NEW: For restricted premium/enterprise groups, approving a Not
Confirmed pending member now automatically confirms that account
as well.
Um, wasn't this already true?
I thought it was, unless it was my imagination.

It seems to me that "confirm" has changed in some subtle (and some not so subtle?) ways recently. It would be good to get a complete clarification. For example, I'm nearly certain that confirmation was formerly only required of someone applying to a group who had no account previously. Yet now, as you (Shal) recently explained, people are also required to confirm that they want to join the particular group, even if they already have an account. That may make more sense, but it seems to me like it was a change. Was it, or am I imagining things?

Also, in connection with the approval process as discussed in another thread: when someone applies to a group via the web they are sent the group's Pending Subscription notice (if any) at the same time as they are sent the confirmation email. This means that they can (and often are) approved before they confirm, resulting in NC (although not any longer for Premium groups). Yet when applying via email, they are first sent the confirmation email and required to confirm, and THEN sent the pending notice. I hate to belabor this, but that results in inconsistent information to moderators in the two cases. 


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