moderated Re: Feature Request: Ability to Attach Group File to Member Notice #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 05:42 pm, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
Be honest yourself.  Would you rather just keep asking questions or piggyback on someone else's  knowledge base?
I have read the entire GMF wiki, and contributed to it as well. What I'm saying is that asking group members to read a public wiki is not an acceptable alternative to my file attachment proposal. People are accustomed to receiving email attachments. They can download them and let their antivirus software scan them. They are not as likely to click on a link to a wiki, where I have to somehow reproduce what I already have online as a document. And I am also forced to make the wiki public, which for whatever reason may be something I don't want to do.

[deep breath...]

Anything can be worked around. has not had a questionnaire capability for years; and somehow the group owners managed to get by. The only reason we have a lot of people asking about that feature now is because we've had a massive influx of groups leaving Yahoo, and group owners want what they are accustomed to having.

Now, if Mark's ultimate goal is to have be a Y!G clone that actually works, I'm okay with that. But I'm willing to think outside of the Y!G box, and am offering the file attachment option as a...perhaps...more versatile means of achieving the same end.

If you [or anyone else] don't like my idea, that's fine. I don't like your wiki idea either, so in the end we are even.

Fair? :-)


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