moderated Feature Request: Ability to Attach Group File to Member Notice #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

I'd like the ability to set up one of the group files as an attachment to a Member Notice. 

This would be a versatile opportunity to send a subscriber anything the owner feels is appropriate at some specified stage of their group subscription. It could be used to send a Pending Member a questionnaire (PDF fill-in form or whatever). It could be used to send an expiring member an application to renew. I'm sure others can think of other uses...

Note that this is already somewhat possible, in that system files are identifiable by URL and can be accessed via a link. However, this would only work for those who are already group proposal would get the necessary file to the person regardless of their subscription status.

Just an idea,

P.S. The existing system bug where people subscribing by email do not receive some of the documents and the Moderators are not adequately notified of status still needs to be fixed and should be given high priority.

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