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On Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 09:07 am, Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ wrote:
my understanding it that it is sent out separately and a reply may come later or not at all.  
I just learned from Mark in a separate thread

that when someone requests membership via email, the Pending Subscription notice is not even sent to them, nor is the moderator made aware of the membership request in any way, including a Pending member notice on the site or an email that there is a pending subscription requiring approval or EVEN a log entry that there's been a join request, until AFTER the pending member returns the Confirmation email to This is different from when someone requests membership via the web: in the case of web requests, the Confirmation and the Pending Subscription emails go out at the same time, immediately upon the join request. and the moderator is immediately notified that there's been a membership request.

I don't understand the reason for this discrepancy (although I'm sure there must be a good one), but I think this two-step process in the case of join requests via email is contributing to keeping moderators in the dark about membership requests and whether or not the Pending Subscription notices have gone out or reached he person.  If the person has requested membership via email, moderators have no clue at all that there's even been a request until the person sends back the Confirmation email to There's not even a log entry. You're completely in the dark. And the Pending Subscription notice has, in fact, not reached them - it hasn't even gone out yet.

I am reiterating here much of what I said in the thread above, but I think it bears on this thread, too, in that the process of sending, and the person receiving, the Pending Subscription notice seems far from ideal. Also, the fact that there exists a discrepancy between web join requests and email join requests gives moderators a false sense that they know whenever there's been a join request to their group, when actually they don't.

(This is made worse by the fact that the Confirmation email is sent, and a response from the person requesting membership via email is required, even if that person already has a account. Mark, I just tested this again and will send you details at support. My understanding was that Confirmation is required only of people attempting to join for the first time. So this seems like a bug, unless I have misunderstood Confirmation all of this time. If it is not a bug, and works as intended, that makes the join process even more problematic IMO.)


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