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Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

Hi Doug,
If i create a “pending subscription” message, my understanding it that it is sent out separately and a reply may come later or not at all.   And the owner/moderators would need to wait to get the reply and keep track of it.   And coordinate and decide when to make a decision on the application.

Is that correct?

If so, my preference would be to present the question when the user first asks to join and include the reply in the approval email.  That way it would be just one event to review the request including the reply and immediately approve it in most cases. 

Does that make sense or am i misunderstanding something?

Al / NN4ZZ

On Mar 22, 2018, at 11:13 AM, Douglas Swearingen <dougiebehr@...> wrote:

Hello Al,

Someone might have already commented on this.  I have a restricted group.  My outgoing request for information before approving a member of my group, is posted whenever someone subscribes.  This is set at Admin --> Settings --> Member Notices, then click the dropdown for type of messages and I selected Pending Subscription.  So far all the messages to new subscribers have gone out.  I do know from posts here there have been some groups this does not always happen.


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All of the groups I manage are for Amateur radio ( aka Ham radio).  It would be nice to include a simple question that they could answer and provide the reply to us in the application message.

If you are a ham radio operator, please provide your call _______ or a short note about why you would like to join our group ____________________________________.

That is all we need to see,  Other groups might like to ask a different question. 

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ
al (at) NN4ZZ (dot) com

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