moderated Re: automatic deletion, why?



Was I a victim of this spam auto unsubscription process due to someone else with an email address not being so vigilant, and having that actually occur? 

No. The mechanism is supposed to be specific to your subscription.

I suppose a glitch is possible, but it may be more likely that one got by you some time ago, and lingered in your Spam folder until it eventually was auto-deleted yesterday.

That's one of the annoyances with this whole (IMO defective) business of triggering a report based on deletion from the Spam folder - it can be a time bomb that goes off long after the message in question was sent. I really think it should be reserved for cases where the user explicitly marked a message in his/her Inbox as Spam, and should happen immediately on that event. I get somewhat snarky at times towards AOL because I think they're doing it wrong.

Either that or AOL and Yahoo Mail (both now owned by Verizon) think the FBL mechanism is for some other purpose entirely, and Mark is doing it wrong. But I've more faith in his ability to read and follow standards than in theirs.


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