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Walter Underwood

I was working on a system and my tech writer kept asking me questions about the permissions. Then she came back with this lovely table of how it all worked. It made much more sense after she explained it to me.

Walter Underwood
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On Mar 19, 2018, at 10:24 PM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 10:13 PM, J_Catlady <j.olivia.catlady@...> wrote:

If you’re looking for more requests because you feel like you’re missing something, I would love to have a specific permission to ‘view notes’ on member pages.  I want to create some more moderators in my group but I’ve been holding off simply because I don’t want them all to have access to all the compiled notes about various members over the years. It can be very confidential and very personal info, including things members have told me Offlist about themselves and their situations. 

Yes. Right now, some permissions grant a lot of extra access (mainly for things that don't currently have separate permissions, like mod notes), that should probably be made more fine grain. This happened as I added features but didn't add additional permissions. I need to go through and list all the missing permissions (or if someone could come up with a list that would help immensely).


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