moderated Moderator permissions addition/change


Hi All,

I just pushed the following changes:

- There is a new View Member List moderator permission (defaulted unchecked for existing moderators).
- If a group's Members Visible setting is Owners only, it used to be that we allowed moderators with one of the member change privileges (approve pending members, ban, etc) to also access the Members list. But now, if Members Visible is set to Owners, only owners can access the members list, regardless of whether moderators have any relevant privileges.

Please let me know if you see any issues. Adding this permission was a specific request from someone who couldn't accomplish what they needed with the existing permissions. 

I feel like I'm missing some additional permissions (permission to send an email to a member, for example), but dealing with this stuff is a bit of a headache because the permissions system is pretty complicated already.


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