moderated Re: automatic deletion, why?

Barbara Byers

My recommendation would be to do nothing.  Stop unsubscribing them.  It seems like the subscriber needs to fix it themselves.  Maybe I am just missing it, but why does care if their emails go to a spam folder, it's not their ( fault and they ( can't control it.



On 2018-03-19 03:50 PM, RickGlaz wrote:

I think I nailed the bug, but a second opinion from the OP is still reassuring...
Sorry if I'm rushing too much...


On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 11:29 am, RickGlaz wrote:

Remember how Screwed up Yahoo Groups got when they loaded it up with lots
of extra stuff. Be Careful what you ask for... ;-(

Speaking of which, I'm chasing an error in sending...
I've set up the correct scenario.
IF "groetjes, Ronaldo" (ONLY) sees my/this exact reply come back more than once
PLEASE let me know either way. 1, 2, etc...


On March 19, 2018 at 9:49 AM ro-esp <ro-esp@...> wrote:

I'm not sure why anyone would have a feature unsubscribing people
automatically. Wouldn it be far more practical if messages being sent
back or reported as spam would trigger a message to the moderator like:

message such-and such was reported as spam by pq@.../ sent back by
provider xxyy. Do you wish to contact the member or unsubscribe him/her

groetjes, Ronaldo

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