moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: For the Yahoo group transfer process, enable deleting of the transfer request after the transfer has been completed, so that it can be resubmitted in cases where Yahoo's Files or Photos weren't working at the time of the original transfer.
  • CHANGE: For enterprise groups, remove Sign Up link in header.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bounce probe emails to display proper group names with enterprise groups.
  • CHANGE: Allow style attributes on h1..h5 when displaying html messages and wiki pages.
  • CHANGE: Wording/collapse tweaks to the user sidebar.
  • INTERNAL: Streamlined some of the process of getting an SSL cert for new enterprise groups.
  • CHANGE: In the post to sub view, also show Pending Subscription notices in the notices selector.
  • CHANGE: When viewing a member's delivery history, check the successful delivery cache for a more recent successful delivery than what's in the database.
  • NEW: The edit subject page for messages without tags sent to groups that require them has been reformatted, with a selector to select existing tags.
  • NEW: Added Messages -> Attachments -> Moderate to group settings, to moderate messages with attachments.
  • CHANGE: In a table, don't show a date or time field if it has not been set (ie if a date or time column has been added, and there are existing rows).
  • BUGFIX: Muting a hashtag manually didn't work.
  • CHANGE: Changing your password now displays a proper 'your password has been changed message' and you're redirected to the home page.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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