moderated FTP interface to Files, Photos? #suggestion

Tom H

Has there been any discussion about allowing Owners, Moderators to have FTP interaction with Files and/or Photos? 

I see there have been requests for bulk download and other operations such as moving files. The current UI for uploads sucks when the number of files is large because the UI generates a thumbnail for each file and you cannot start the upload process until it is finished.

Both of those issues could become non-issues if there were FTP access to those areas. It's of primary interest to group founders and organisers while subscribers would have little or no direct interest. While the best solution is to support the needs in the user interface, this may be a case where the cost of development is way more than that of the workaround and is of direct benefit to few. Of course, one would think the subscribers will benefit from a better organised group site if the organisers have better tools.

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