moderated Re: Serve HTML files so browser opens them #suggestion

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>

It isn't just html files. The same behaviour occurs for all types of files in the Files section. It seems there is no way to view a file. A user can only download files. I've tried jpg images and txt text files and all that happens is that they download. The Edit icon doesn't actually edit any files, so it was no help for viewing a file. Perhaps the hover text on the icon should be "Properties" instead of "Edit".

On the other hand, the Upload procedure is much more user friendly and includes a nice mini-previewer for the text and image files I used to test the upload process.
I should add that it is not all file types as pdf files are opened when clicking on them. I should have also added that I am using Chrome as a browser. It also now occurs to me that this is not an uncommon method with dealing with files. Sorry for jumping in without really thinking this all the way through.


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