moderated Re: Bulk Upload issues

Tom H

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 11:11 am, Tom H wrote:
  1. Windows The GIO Browse file manager did not allow me to select only image type files from the mixed bag using a filter (I'm sure there is a way there is "kind:picture" as the Search term).
  2. GIO did not filter out the non-image types in the selection dialog.
    1. The upload stopped when a non-image type was encountered. I don't think any file got uploaded from that set. Wrong. Image files up to that point were uploaded.
    2. Same issue as for Files re generation of thumbnails - a list would be faster.
  3. GIO did not allow for an additive selection dialog, e.g., select *.jpg first and then add *.png to the list. (nor could I find a way within the Windows File Manager - well, I did subsequently by using the Group by type feature)
  4. Not all the image files were uploaded - GIO reports 152; Windows reports 181 should have been selected. I have yet to look for the exceptions. That was the consequence of the first broken upload, I think. Having deleted the album, starting afresh, selecting all through the kind:picture filter found and successfully uploaded all 181.
As has been requested elsewhere, bulk operations such as Move, Delete, Rename are needed for Files and Photos.

Also, Sort and Filter by Type and Search/Filter on strings in name.

BTW, I couldn't edit my first post in this thread.

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