moderated Bulk Upload issues

Tom H

I reported some things I ran into with bulk upload to files in this message. Further to it, I have additional problems with bulk uploads to both Files and Photos.
  1. Not all of the non-image file types were uploaded. A subset of all the PDFs did not. I have to dig some more to find what else did not.
  1. Windows file manager did not allow me to select only image type files from the mixed bag using a filter (I'm sure there is a way).
  2. GIO did not filter out the non-image types in the selection dialog.
    1. The upload stopped when a non-image type was encountered. I don't think any file got uploaded from that set.
    2. Same issue as for Files re generation of thumbnails - a list would be faster.
  3. GIO did not allow for an additive selection dialog, e.g., select *.jpg first and then add *.png to the list. (nor could I find a way within the Windows File Manager - well, I did subsequently by using the Group by type feature)
  4. Not all the image files were uploaded - GIO reports 152; Windows reports 181 should have been selected. I have yet to look for the exceptions.

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