Re: Stopping posting of photos in the file section?

Tom H

I just got caught by this filter on my first bulk upload to a new group and also by an erroneous message. I had not previously uploaded any file and I wanted to upload a bunch, 499.

  1. The "Upload File" button is singular, implying only 1 file at a time, reinforced by the singular form title. However, I was pleasantly surprised that bulk upload was possible.
  2. Having selected all 499, I was thrown off by the subsequent generation of thumbnails, the completion for which I had to wait until I could start the upload. It would be more efficient to simply list the files.
  3. My file set included image files. I don't recall seeing any warning or automatic rejection of image files in the dialog to this point. The image files were all rendered into thumbnails suggesting that they were accepted.
  4. The upload proceeded to apparent completion (progress hit 100%) but was followed by a screen with a picture of a cat saying the system was under maintenance, try later. This message proved erroneous.
  5. On clicking on Files in the sidebar, 318 files were reported, not the 499 that had been selected. I thought it said 319 initially and then dropped by 1 but that might be faulty vision. It took some searching to discover this topic and the answer that image files had been blocked. It almost seems that they were uploaded with the rest and then deleted.

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